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What Clients & Colleagues Are Saying About Derrick Strand

"Derrick is an excellent speaker and his ability to pull together key leadership and organizational concepts is best in class! I met Derrick in 2010 when I heard him speak on a topic related to the connection of leadership, organization and people in driving long term results.

Derrick's message was thought provoking to say the least. I was able to connect with Derrick after the session and establish a working relationship. He is in the process of delivering a leadership and management development series to my current employer, James River Insurance Company.

Derrick's ability to help leaders change the way they think about themselves as well as their organizations is very impressive. He is passionate about about his work and strives to make a difference in the organizations he works with - I have experienced this first hand in participating in his leadership development series!  Derrick has demonstrated for our company that training isn't an event, but rather a learning process that goes on much longer than his time with us in a classroom.

I look forward to continuing to see the results of Derrick's work in our organization; it has been a thought provoking and rewarding journey thus far."

Angie Burnett, VP Human Resources & Operations

"Derrick's comprehensive leadership training course is superb, providing broad-based knowledge through case histories, proven best practices and the current, real-world thinking regarding every aspect of hiring, managing, performance improvement, strategic planning and corporate culture development/enhancement. 

Many of my colleagues agree that retaining Derrick for this amazing 6-month intensive course is one of the very best things our company has done to enrich its workforce and improve our effectiveness.  Unlike many such courses, Derrick also brings into focus the importance of personal development and life-planning.  Just awesome!"

Cassandra Cossitt, Director

"I have never been on a journey like the one I embarked on through my class experience.  It not only prepared me for success, it led me to make a life-style change both personally and professionally.  I am forever changed for the better and I owe it all to Derrick Strand."

Lisa Fox, Manager

" An eye-opening class taught by a passionate instructor.  I learned things that I'll not only apply on-the-job but in my personal life as well.  I truly appreciated the environment of learning that Derrick built for us; he tailored his lectures to the needs of my classmates and delivered them in a relatable way."

Liz Ten Hoeve, Manager

"Derrick is an exceptionally talented & knowledgeable individual who can get right to the heart of complex management issues and their solutions."

Bob Duncan, Managing Director

 " In an environment of undifferentiated consultants, Derrick stands out with his simple yet profoundly impactful approach.”

Kevin O'Toole, Vice President

"I would encourage any company that is looking to make serious improvements to use Derrick Strand.  We are looking forward to using him in many other parts of our business as his value-added approach is forward thinking."

Michael Koenig, Director of Finance


"Derrick has a wealth of knowledge and a down to earth presentation style that captures your attention. His presentation provided real world and practical business information. A real pleasure working with him."

James Williams, Small Business Administration


“Derrick is a thought leader who uses creative and perceptive thinking to solve complex business problems. He is somehow able to communicate his thoughts and ideas in a straightforward and non-threatening manner. His ability to facilitate productive discussions results in rapid progress in making organizational change happen. Derrick is very skilled at communicating with a variety of people, especially at the senior executive and upper management levels. He is impeccably trustworthy and maintains the highest standards of integrity in everything he does."

Kathy Graham, Program Manager 


"I had the privilege to work with Derrick early in my career.  At the time I was very junior in consulting and was coming from an IT background that didn't have the same client interactions as consulting.

Derrick was a coach, mentor, and friend during our time in consulting.  He provided timely feedback, helped to show how to manage people and relationships all in a way that helped me develop into a top performing consultant.  I have told him before and would tell anyone, Derrick is a key piece to me being where I am today.  I still leverage many things he taught me, especially in the areas of leading and developing future leaders."

J. Kevin Davis, Strategic Planning Director, Lowe's Companies

"Derrick is highly perceptive and quickly assesses opportunities and risks.  He's very good at identifying organizational and cultural issues, and has deep expertise in change management and process improvement.  He brings these diverse skills together in a way which gives him the ability to quantify and validate issues on one hand, and to affect change in complex organizations on the other."

Peter Benda, President

“Derrick is extremely knowledgeable in many business areas - and equally importantly, he is excellent at articulating complex concepts and ideas, making all very accessible to his audience. I have worked with many people, across many industries - I continue to think that Derrick is one of the most capable and articulate people with whom I have ever worked. His ability to see the big picture, and then translate and clearly articulate a solution is outstanding."

Roberta Keller, Retail Investment Portfolio Manager

"I interacted with Derrick Strand for several months as a part of an enterprise-wide project for a Fortune 500 company.  Throughout the course of the engagement, he consistently provided value-added strategic insight, robust project deliverables and a timeliness of delivery that spoke to the integrity and character with which Derrick approaches his work."

Will Lowery, Program Manager

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