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Derrick Strand


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Derrick is not your typical organizational consultant and facilitator.  Derrick spends most of his time helping organizations get rid of him!

It is his philosophy that organizations have most of the answers already inside of their business and inside of the minds of their people.  Derrick helps organizations answer the question, "How can we reach our full potential?"

The answer lies in finding ways to capitalize on the power of their people and unleashing it in ways that deliver superior results and long term competitive advantages.

Derrick cuts through barriers and attacks "head on" issues related to leadership, organization, people and process.  His relentless assault on conventional thinking helps organizations and individuals address issues by asking different questions from different perspectives.  He firmly believes that you get better answers by asking better questions!

By helping clients learn how to "think differently," they are able to generate new and innovative solutions to both ordinary and complex problems.

For over 24 years as a consultant, facilitator and speaker, Derrick Strand has challenged individuals and organizations to think differently.........about everything!