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Do You Complicate Or Do You Simplify?

Opportunities, ideas and answers are usually right in front of our eyes, yet so many of us don't see them.  Organizations that can look at the same situations as others yet see something completely different are the ones who will succeed and thrive long term.

To thrive, everything you do must be done with intention.  This requires being connected in all that you do.   


My simple yet powerful model for organizational effectiveness provides clarity on what matters so that focus and connection are day-to-day habits geared to deliver intentional results.

Derrick Strand focuses his work on Organizational Effectiveness and is based in Richmond, Virginia.

He is a facilitator, consultant and speaker in addition to designing and delivering training & development to a wide variety of clients across all industries.

He focuses on organizational results through proprietary methods, diagnostics & approaches that are designed to eliminate barriers and clear paths. In other words, they cut through all the organizational "noise" that prevents success.

For more information, contact Derrick at: or at 804-814-9921.

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